Stress & Anxiety in Times of Crises – Webinar

Dear Fellows,

This is a very enjoyable, highly entertaining, one-hour introspective course that provides tools for understanding, identifying and dealing with stress and anxiety.

Stress, anxiety, and fear can take an emotional toll at any point, but add in crises, and you have a potentially dangerous and explosive situation. While stress is totally normal and happens to everyone, anxiety can manifest as a response to stress. Learning to cope with stress and anxiety is a learned skill. Learn how to manage healthily so that you, the people you care about, and your workplace will be stronger.

  •        Understanding anxiety and learning to deal with it
  •         How to stop “what-ifs” from spiraling
  •         Healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety
  •         Helping others cope with stress and anxiety
  •         Creating healthy boundaries

When you start to feel the stress and anxiety controlling you, it’s time to take control back.

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