Each year, the PFA foundation presents a $1000 scholarship to a student from each of the 10 Canadian faculties of dentistry. This Canadian Annual Scholarship Award is given for “outstanding scholarship and clinical research at the undergraduate level”.

2024 Recipients

$1000 scholarship recipients from the 10 Canadian Faculties of Dentistry, that participated in the SCADA research program held by Dentsply Sirona and the Canadian Dental Association

Dean’s Appreciation Event 2023 – University of Toronto

Cheque presentation to Yifei Wang, presented to her by Dr Morris Manolson, Vice-Dean (Research) at the Dean’s Appreciation event

2023 recipients:

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The Canadian section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy was pleased to participate in the Canadian Dental Association and Dentsply Sirona Student Clinician Research Program. PFA Canada and the Oral Health
Foundation provided $1000 scholarships to the participants from the ten Canadian Dental Facilities, recognizing these students as future leaders of our profession.

2022 recipients:

PFA Canada participated again this year in the SCADA Awards ceremony, providing $1000 scholarships to the participants from the ten Canadian Dental Faculties. The students were ecstatic to receive their awards and thanked PFA and the Oral Health Foundation for recognizing them as Future Leaders in our Profession.


1) Universite de Montreal, Miss Serine Boughari research tiltled,
“Etude des interactions cellulaires sur des surfaces de titane nanoporeuses”
2)University of Saskatoon, Mr. Rob Kolbe, research titled,
“Correlation between Canadian Dentists cortisol and stress levels during COVID-19”
3) Universite Laval, Mr. George Khalil, research titles,
“ Composition du microbiote intestinate comme faceur contributif au bruxism”
4) University of Alberta, Mr. Sumit Kocchar, research tilted,
“Molar and premolar gingival changes in patients having maxillary expansion”
5) University of Manitoba, Miss Natalie Pesun, research tilted,
“Assessment of interface resin-cement/dental-ceramics for a reseating procedure”
6) Dalhousie University, Miss Ashley Fletcher, research titled,
“Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Paediatric Hospital Nurses
7) University of Western Ontario, Mr. Kevin Xiang Zhou, research titled,
“A craniofacial statistical shape model for reconstruction of bilateral maxillary defects”
8) University of British Columbia, Miss Julia Burgess, research titled,
“Physiochemical properties of methyl acrylate-based dental resins containing photosensitive compounds”
9) University of Toronto, Miss Nicole Ng, research titled,
“Correlative imaging of Collagen Damage using Fluorescent Collagen Hybridizing Peptide (CHP)”
10) McGill University, Mr. Yifei Wang, research titled,
“Saliva as a diagnostic specimen for SARS-CoV-2 detection, Scoping Review”

April 3, 2020 recipients:

On Friday April 3, 2020, the Pierre Fauchard Academy was scheduled to host the Canadian Awards and Installation Luncheon at the Winnipeg Delta Hotel.
Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 Pandemic, the event had to be cancelled. Nevertheless here are the ten 3rd year students from the Canadian Dental Facilities received $1000 student scholarships.

Simran Kaur Sarao University of Alberta
Paige Conrad Dalhousie University
Marie-Pierre Morin Université Laval
Noah Corso University of Manitoba
Erika Nakashoji Université de Montréal
Abdul El-Rabbany University of Saskatchewan
Peter Sabiri Western University
Thien Vuong McGill University
Benny Tang University of British Columbia
Ajay Plaha University of Toronto

September 13, 2019 recipients:

During our 2019 PFA Canada Awards and Induction Ceremony in Saskatchewan, ten 3rd year students from the Canadian Dental Facilities received $1000 student scholarships

Back Row: Dr. Janet Leith, Duke Young, Amelie Fournier, Nihad Ladoul, Ellen D. Woodworth, Michael Siarkowski, Anish Nanda, Derek Oryniak
Front Row: Amr Alsabbagh , Dr. Jerry Dushkin, Dr. Barry Dolman, Dr. Lisa Bentley, Dr. Terry Brewick, Da in Kim, Vicky Arrata, Dr. Nancy Auyeung.

August 24, 2018 recipients:

Francesca Julia Abdul Nour Université de Montréal
Ling-Yi Chen University of British Columbia
Erin Goertzen University of Toronto
Aparna Narvekar McGill University
Félix Potvin Université Laval
Natalie Rosenthal University of Manitoba
Arleen Schmidt University of Alberta
Christopher ven der Buhs University of Saskatchewan
Andrei Zaharia Western University
Kellie Zelmer Dalhousie University


May 5, 2017 recipients:

Austin Andrews University of Saskatchewan
Jennifer Archibald Western University
Adam Bishop Dalhousie University
Mandeep Gill University of Alberta
Anne Sophie Grenon-Girard Université de Montréal
Tony PY He University of Toronto
Nathan Lee University of British Columbia
Jesse A. Marques University of Manitoba
Laurie St-Pierre Université Laval
Jacqueline Yip McGill University

March 18, 2016 recipients:

Steven A. Arcand University of Saskatchewan
Edward Sutton Université de Montréal
Kiavash Hossini University of British Columbia
Michael Tiedemann Western University
Thomas W. Steeves Dalhousie University
Vincent Mireault Université Laval
Julie Delcorde University of Toronto
Mitchell R. Naito University of Alberta
Bryan Wong University of Manitoba
Erica Abbey McGill University

August 28, 2015 recipients:

Dania Alkhani University of Saskatchewan
Michelle Chan McGill University
Matthieu Laramée Université de Montréal
Janson Lee University of British Columbia
Greg Luvison University of Western Ontario
Laura Rose MacDonald Dalhousie University
Masoud Mansouri Université Laval
Kester Frederick Ng University of Toronto
Cheyenne Olson University of Alberta
Justin Silverstein University of Manitoba
Jessie (Xin) Zhang McGill University