Honorary Fellowship Award

A candidate for an Honorary Fellowship in this Academy will be an individual who has made a valuable contribution to the advancement of the Art and Science of Dentistry or to the Academy. May be given to more than one individual each year anywhere in the world. Non-dentists are also eligible.

Mme Annie Massicotte, 2024 Honorary Fellowship

  • Annie Massicotte is the Directrice des communications of the ACDQ, formerly the communications advisor for the Marie-Victorin School Board and the Old Port of Montreal Corporation and graduate of the Université Laval and McGill University.
  • Annie has professionally represented dentists, working behind the scenes on their membership and public communications. This includes:
    • the recent “same care, same rate” advertising campaign, defending our suggested fee guides;
    • the support and decision-making kit for the CDCP; and
    • the “dans-le-dentist” campaign to help students discover dental careers.

Safe to say, Annie has helped shape every communication from the ACDQ since the announcement of the CDCP and works tirelessly on the behalf of dentists and their patients

Ms. Lane Shupe, 2024 Honorary Fellowship

Dr. Aaron Burry received The 2022 Pierre Fauchard Honourary Fellowship award

Dr. Aaron Burry graduated from Dalhousie Dental School in 1986 and maintained a full-time practice until 1993. He holds a Master’s degrees in Health and Business administration and is a certified specialist in Dental Public Health. He is currently the Associate Director or Professional Affairs at the Canadian Dental Association and chaired the COVID-19 response team for the CDA. Prior to joining CDA in 2017, Aaron spent over 25 years at the City of Ottawa leading large departments and held a cross appointment with Ottawa Public Health as the Chief Dental Officer. He has lead significant services transformations that have been complicated and disrupted by events such as the viral outbreaks of H1N1 and SARS and most recently, COVID-19.

Kevin Desjardins received The 2021 Pierre Fauchard Honourary award

Mme Monique Bouchard received The 2020 Pierre Fauchard Honourary Fellowship award

Mme Sylvie Morin received The 2019 Pierre Fauchard Honourary Fellow presented by Dr. Barry Dolman, Chairman PFA

Drs. & Mme. Sam Sgro, Lisa Bentley, Sylvie Morin, Jerry Dushkin, Barry Dolman

Mr. Don Pamenter (2018)

Dr. Alf Dean, Atlantic Provinces section chair and Tom Raddall both heaped praise upon Don Pamenter, the 2018 recipient of Honorary Fellowship. Unfortunately, Don was unable to attend, and Tom accepted the award on his behalf.

Ms. Jocelyn Johnston (2016)

BC section chair, Dr. David Zaparinuk, presented Jocelyn Johnston, executive director of the British Columbia Dental Association, with an Honorary Fellowship into the Pierre Fauchard academy.

Mr. Claude Paul Boivin (2015)

Our Canadian chairman, Dr. Barry Dolman presented Claude Paul Boivin with an honorary fellowship into the Pierre Fauchard academy.

Past Honorary Fellowship Award winners:

Me. Caroline Daoust (2014)
Mr. Cy Elborne (2013)
Ms. Linda Samek (2012)
Ms. Linda Teteruck I (2012)
Mr. Stuart Humphries (2011) (special appreciation award)
Mr. Greg Teckles (2011) (special appreciation award)
Maitre Caroline Daoust (2010)
Mr. Brian Henderson
Mr. Joel Neal (2008)
Mr. Jardine Neilson
Mr. Kenneth Taylor
Mr. Hubert Edward Drouin
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