The Mission

Our mission as Fellows in the Pierre Fauchard Academy is to recognize and grow leaders in the dental profession, their communities and society.


  • To be a superior, quality, international dental honorary organization.
  • To encompass dentistry worldwide.
  • To have as Fellows the most outstanding dentists in every country in the world.
  • To select and induct individuals of the highest ethical, moral and professional standards.
  • To develop service-oriented projects.
  • To orient all Pierre Fauchard Academy leaders so they may have uniform workable guidelines.
  • To make the Pierre Fauchard Academy known throughout the dental world.
  • To make the Pierre Fauchard Academy a peer recognition body by virtue of its awards, its selectivity of Fellowship, and its service to dentistry in the worldwide community.

The Objectives of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, as stated in its Constitution, are to:

  1. Elevate the character, education and professional ability of dentists by making available to them dental literature representing developments and opinions in dentistry.
  2. Encourage practitioners to contribute to the professional literature and otherwise share their knowledge with their fellow practitioners.
  3. Encourage, through annual awards, outstanding contributions to the art and science of dentistry and service to the profession.
  4. Encourage personal contacts between leaders in the profession and those who seek advice on scientific technical or economic subjects.
  5. Encourage dental students and foster advancement of their professional and scientific standards and encourage continuing education for all members of the dental profession.
  6. Encourage improvement of the oral health of the public through prevention, therapy, and restoration.
  7. Encourage fellowship among the membership and emphasize understanding of our professional responsibility to the public.
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